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Following the Olympic sports reintroduction to Singapore in 2009, ahead of the Youth Olympic Games, the sport has grown from strength to strength. With regular medal hauls at the SEA Games since 2013, Singapore Diving has excelled to the next level with two divers, Frieda Lim and Jonathan Chan, qualifying for the Tokyo Olympic Games!


What is Diving?
Diving is an artistic and acrobatic sport, where athletes attempt to dazzle a panel of judges with multiple somersaults, twists, and shapes before entering the water without a drop of splash. Consistency is key in diving; divers train tirelessly to control their nerves and perform a routine of complex dives to near perfection.
Since the inception of diving at the Olympic Games in 1904, diving has evolved to the spectacle that it is today. In modern day Olympics, athletes compete individually or with a partner in ‘synchronisation’, from board heights 3m and 10m platform.
The Benefits of Diving
The sport of diving provides a well-rounded workout for the body and mind. Diving incorporates elements of trampolining, gymnastics, yoga, as well as strength and conditioning programmes. The diverse training assists athletes to develop the co-ordination, kinaesthetic awareness, and power, required to perform beautiful and complex skills.
As well as the physical benefits of diving, athletes must develop resilience and discipline in their approach to training, not to mention the building of self-confidence and self-belief to achieve the moves and skills required to succeed in the sport. Prior to competing athletes must also realise the ability to control their emotions and focus, allowing them to perform at their absolute best under the high-pressure environment of competition.
Is Diving Safe?
In Singapore, all diving lessons are undertaken by SG-Coach certified coaches who have been trained to teach and coach the sport of diving using international standards. This ensures a safe and controlled environment, where lessons are designed to advance children at the correct speed, suiting their physical and mental ability. Where enjoyment of the sport and the safety of our divers is priority, we build a generation of self-motivated and engaged future champions.
A Bright Future
SSA is looking ahead to take SEA Games diving success to the world stage. Persistently searching for the Singapore’s next generation of diving talent, backed by a team of world class coaches, Singapore Diving is on an exciting path with its sights set high.

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